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Residential Movers

You’ve finally found your perfect home. After putting in so much work to locate your ideal neighborhood, square-footage and amenities, don’t waste any time looking for the best available residential movers. Look straight to Folkestad Moving Services LLC, where you’ll find efficient, affordable and professional local movers who will take care of the tough tasks while you and your family get settled in your new home.

Prescott AZ Residential Moving Services

Truck Rental & Residential Moves

If you think that renting a truck is the easiest way to move into your new home, think again. Your finances, your nerves and even your belongings will be much better off if you let a professional moving company handle your relocation for you. When you rent a truck instead of hiring experienced residential movers you have to consider:

  • Whether you can easily drive
  • Park and refuel the truck
  • Convincing family and friends to help you pack and load your belongings
  • Hauling heavy furniture pieces onto and off the truck bed without damaging them

Don’t let yourself get tangled in the hassle of renting a truck and moving on your own. Instead, let the experts at Folkestad do the heavy lifting – and driving – for you.

Our Local Movers Work With You

At Folkestad Moving Services LLC, we want you to feel in control of your residential relocation. We encourage you to set the schedule and decide how everything will be set up in your new home. Not every move will be the same, which means that not every moving approach will be the same. When you work with us, you can rest easy knowing that you are partnering with a fully licensed and insured moving company with a longstanding track record of facilitating safe, efficient and stress-free relocations.

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If you would like a free estimate or if you have any questions about our local, long-distance, international or apartment moving services, give us a call at 928-771-2704.

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