International Moves

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With years of experience in managing international moves Folkestad Moving Services LLC has earned a reputation for exceptional door-to-door service for corporate relocations, families, military and government personnel .

The value we offer you centers on single source accountability for your international move, providing seamless service you can trust.

International moves are not like other moves:

  • Your shipment will be physically moved many times.
  • Your goods will be loaded into your shipping container/s.
  • Your containers will be loaded onto a truck at your home.
  • The container will be offloaded from the truck at the origin port and then loaded onto a ship.
  • At the destination the container will be offloaded from the ship and then loaded onto a truck or, depending on your destination, may be loaded onto a train before being put on the truck that will bring it to your new home.
  • Finally, your goods will be unloaded from the truck and placed in your new home.
  • Your goods must be specially packed:
  • Your goods must receive extra protection against all the times the containers will be moved, loaded and unloaded from vehicles.
  • An international move involves many steps and tasks.
  • Choosing between multiple packing, container and shipping methods.
  • Taking into consideration duties, restricted items and taxes for household goods and vehicles and filling out, sending and or filing the necessary documentation.

How An International Move Works

Every international move begins with a pre-move, in-home survey:

  • Our International Relocation Specialist will come to your house to assess your moving needs and answer any questions you may have.
  • Our Specialist will take the time to explain:
  • The advantages and disadvantages of using various packing techniques, shipping containers, and shipping methods.
  • To familiarize you with customs restrictions and requirements for your destination country.
  • The various value protection options and related costs.
  • Transit times and shipping routes.
  • Finally, our Specialist will prepare for you a detailed written estimate.
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After we learn of your needs we plan your move.  The moving plan includes the following steps:

  • Packing and specialty services (disassembly, custom crating for special items.)
  • Container choices and loading.
  • Storage and consolidation at origin.
  • Ocean Freight Forwarding (your main shipment).
  • Air Freight Forwarding (urgent things you must have with you from day one).
  • Delivery and destination services (unpacking, assembly).
  • Value protection options and costs.

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