How to Move a Large Safe: Tips and Tricks from Folkestad Moving

Moving a 600 lb safe is never easy, but with the right help, anybody can do it.

Your local Arizona movers at Folkestad Moving have been in the business for 20 years and know how to help make your move as quick and easy as possible.

Our tips and tricks will help you figure out the easiest way to move a gun safely.


3 Tips and Tricks for Moving a Large Safe

  1. Use a Dolly with Ratchet Straps

If you’re moving a large safe, you’ll need to use a specialized dolly for transporting heavy furniture. An appliance dolly with ratchet straps for securing heavy objects is necessary for moving large safes.

You can buy appliance dollies online or rent them from local companies. Make sure to measure your safe ahead of time to order the correct size dolly.

  1. Empty and Secure Your Safe Before Moving It

Before you or anyone else attempts to move the safe, it is a good idea to empty it of any dangerous or heavy belongings. This will make the safe easier to move and safer for you and your movers. Secure all essential items and ensure that the safe’s door and latches are locked and engaged for easy transport.

  1. Hire a Quality Moving Service

Moving specialty equipment like a safe may require expert care and service. Due to the difficulty of moving heavy items, consider hiring a moving company like Folkestad to help make the process safe and easy.


How to Move a Safe by Yourself

Moving a large safe by yourself can be dangerous, so you must take all the necessary safety precautions before trying to move a heavy object like a safe.

Safety should be your priority when moving a safe. The safest solution is to work with professional movers, but if you’d like to move a safe by yourself, follow the following steps:

  1. Empty the safe
  2. Close and secure safe
  3. Use moving blankets to wrap the safe and protect your floors
  4. Load onto an Appliance Dolly and Secure With Straps
  5. Get Help from 2-3 Friends or Professionals


Local Safe Movers: Prescott Valley, AZ

The best way to move a safe in Prescott Valley, AZ, is to work with your local, safe, professional movers at Folkestad Moving. You can get a free quote online or call us at 928-771-2704 for more information about moving services local to Prescott Valley, AZ.