Calculating the Average Cost of Moving

average cost of moving

When you’re planning to hire long distance movers, you want to be sure you know how much it costs to relocate.

Several factors enter in to making accurate cost-of-moving calculations, so you want to take those various elements into account when mapping out the dollars-and-cents part of your cross country move.

When calculating the average cost of moving, it’s important to note the two basic types of relocations: local vs. long distance. Local moving is charged on an hourly rate. Long distance moving is charged not by the hour, but by using a flat fee based on starting and ending points plus the total weight of all your belongings.

That’s why moves might cost between several hundred and several thousand dollars. For a cross country move, remember this simple equation: weight + distance = cost. (You’re never paying by the hour.)

FREE estimates

We offer FREE moving estimates conducted at your convenience. While in-home estimates still are available for calculating the average cost of moving, we’re proud to be an agent for National Van Lines, which offers customers a choice of online, social distance-approved tools just as accurate as the onsite method—only safer and far more convenient.

If you happen to be DIY-er, you can take advantage of Yembo—a high-tech, state-of-the-art move-estimating tool. YOU move room-to-room using your smartphone or tablet to grab snapshots of your possessions. The 15-minute average completion time makes it a breeze. Plus, with no appointments needed, you’re able to obtain an estimate 24/7. Now, that’s convenience and COVID-era-approved zero-touch safety.

Save money

People often worry moving is going to break the bank. But don’t fret. DYK? Relocation expenses often are tax-deductible. Plus, when you hire pro movers, their skillful approach to relocation can save you not only money, but time (time is money, right?). Their expertise will prove invaluable for planning, organizing, packing and protecting belongings.

Please bear in mind that before you can gain a rough estimate of your moving costs, you’ll want to note whether any of your belongings require special shipping-and-handling procedures. Known as specialty moving, this category of long distance moving concentrates on the special attention required when transporting fine art, grandfather clocks, stamp/coin collections, pianos and other musical instruments.

You also have reimbursement options in the unlikely even any damage to items should occur during packing, relocating or unpacking. This type of protection is called “valuation.” It’s important to realize valuation is not insurance.

National Van Lines agents offer two valuation levels: basic coverage or full-value replacement. Your homeowner’s insurance policy might not cover the value of your possessions during transport. Ensure you’re protected.

  • Basic-coverage protection: This free coverage reimburses you 60 cents per pound per item—whether it’s a grand piano or a kitchen chair.
  • Full-value protection: Provides either repair or replacement cost (whichever is less). (Available with or without deductible.)

Drop the pounds

Did the final estimate come in a bit more expensive than expected?

Since a long distance move is mostly based on weight, a good strategy is dropping those pounds by slimming down on your possessions. A yard/garage/tag sale offers a great solution. Think of it as: Someone pays you to haul away your stuff. You drop the total tonnage on your stuff and can use the money you make to help defray those cross country moving expenses. Didn’t sell it all? Donate the remaining items to Goodwill, Salvation Army or other charity and write them off on your next income-tax filing.

If you have departure flexibility, avoiding the summer moving rush likely will provide a discount vs. moving during the May–September peak season.

We’re happy to help you start the process with a FREE quote. Contact us today.

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