Long-Distance Moving in the Winter

moving during winter

Long-distance moves are usually better during the warmer seasons. However, you might not have that choice available. If you decide to move in the winter, prepare for the cold. Surprisingly, moving in the winter can be beneficial. Costs can be lower because there is less demand to move. Additionally, because there is less demand, moving costs in the winter are much more competitive than moving in the spring or summer. Nevertheless, consider these winter moving tips to help you get started before moving in the cold!

Moving During the Winter Season

Set up your utilities before arriving at your new house

The winter days are cold, with less daylight to utilize. Don’t get caught moving into your new house without heat, electricity, gas, water, and any other essential functions you need for a comfortable move in freezing conditions. Give yourself at least two days to set up your utilities before moving in. The hour you take now will save you a lot of time and misery.

Clear Any Safety Hazards in your Driveway and around your house

Even if you decide to move in the fall, it’s not a bad idea to clean up around the house before moving in. Take note of any obstacles in your way or any other potential hazards. During the winter, surfaces can be slippery. Make sure to salt any walkways to ensure your movers can safely unload your possessions. If you’re moving a long distance, cleaning up may not be an option. Contact your property manager or realtor to ensure any potential safety hazards are taken care of or noted. It’s unnecessary to take care of any hazards in your current living arrangements. However, it is a kind act and would help the next homeowners.

Buy Winter Supplies

In addition to clearing any walkways, you’re going to need some sand or salt to melt the ice. A shovel is great to have. A snowblower is even better if you have a long driveway. Also, just in case you forgot to turn your utilities on, a space heater can come in handy. (p)

Protect your floors from harsh winter elements

The wintery mix can create a mess on your floors. With all the sludge, ice, and salt stepped on, messing up your floors is almost inevitable. Having a preventative plan and covering your floors is the only way to keep everything clean. At Folkestad, our movers are equipped with protection to ensure your floors are protected. We take note of any high-traffic areas and place floor mats, blankets, and tarps in any areas we touch.

Bundle up and stay warm

Even if you hire a full-service company like FMS, you’re going to need to take care of yourself during your journey to your new home. Make sure to pack any additional jackets, gloves, and scarves just in case anything goes wrong in the cold. You risk getting stuck in freezing conditions when moving long distances in the winter. Confirm that any extra clothes are easily accessible. We suggest packing a moving day kit with everything you need on the first day of moving.

Be prepared for everything and anything

Moving to new home has a lot of moving pieces. We wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t keep track of the weather. Who knows, it might be 70 degrees the week of your move and all the extra planning might be unnecessary. However, if you’ve ever driven in the Midwest or New England, you’d know that the temperature can change at any moment. All it takes is one degree to turn the road into ice. Discuss any critical conditions and don’t rush it! You’re better off being a live than getting into an accident.

Because we are an agent of National Van Lines, you can guarantee your long-distance move in the winter will be taken care of with the utmost respect and care possible. Give Folkestad a call today at 928-771-2704 to discuss your upcoming move!