Smooth Moves: Winter Moving Tips with Folkestad Moving Services, LLC

Are you contemplating a winter move? Whether you’re relocating for a job or a change of scenery.  We at Folkestad Moving Services, LLC have got you covered. Moving in the winter can be a breeze with the right preparations, and our team is here to make it as pleasant as a stroll through a winter park. Here are some winter moving tips and reasons why you should choose Folkestad Moving Services for your winter relocation needs.


Why Move with Folkestad Moving Services, LLC?

  1. Experience You Can Trust:

With years of experience under our winter boots, Folkestad Moving Services has perfected the art of hassle-free moving. Our professional and dedicated team understands the unique challenges that winter moves present and is well-equipped to handle them with efficiency.

  1. Affordable Winter Moves:

Contrary to popular belief, winter moves can actually be more cost-effective. With fewer people opting to move during the colder months, our winter rates are budget-friendly, ensuring you get the same exceptional service at a fraction of the cost.

  1. Peace of Mind:

Winter won’t disrupt your move when you choose Folkestad Moving Services. Our experienced team tracks weather conditions and plans accordingly, ensuring a smooth and stress-free moving experience, even in the face of winter’s unpredictable nature.


Winter Moving Tips with Folkestad Moving Services, LLC:

  1. Start Early and Stay Warm:

Begin your winter move early in the day when temperatures are milder. This not only ensures a comfortable moving experience but also provides ample daylight for a smooth transition.

  1. Winter-Ready Supplies:

Packing for a winter move requires special attention to protect your belongings from the chill. Ensure you have winter-appropriate packing materials, including bubble wrap for added insulation and blankets to shield fragile items.

  1. Stay Hydrated:

Just like the desert heat in summer, the cold of winter can be deceptively dehydrating. Keep warm beverages on hand for you and your moving crew to stay energized and comfortable throughout the process.

  1. Efficient Inventory:

Before your move, create an inventory checklist. This ensures nothing gets left behind in the winter wonderland, and it makes unpacking a breeze.

  1. Light Up the Path:

With shorter days in winter, adequate lighting is crucial. Ensure you have portable lights or headlamps to navigate your new space, especially if you arrive in the evening.


Packing Like a Pro


Here are some essentials you will need

Moving Equipment:

Dolly/Hand Truck:

    • For transporting heavy boxes and furniture.

Furniture Sliders:

    • Makes it easier to move heavy furniture across floors.

Tool Kit:

    • Basic tools for disassembling furniture or handling unexpected issues.

Protective Gear:

Work Gloves:

    • Protect your hands when lifting and moving items.

Safety Glasses:

    • Especially useful when handling heavy or sharp objects.


Trash Bags:

    • Use for disposing of packing materials or as extra protection.

First Aid Kit:

    • Essential for any unexpected injuries during the move.

Cleaning Supplies:

    • Wipes, paper towels, and cleaning spray for a quick clean before leaving.

Snacks and Water:

    • Keep yourself and your helpers fueled and hydrated.

Phone Chargers:

    • Ensure your devices are charged throughout the move.

Important Documents:

Moving Checklist:

    • Keep a checklist to stay organized and on track.

Identification and Important Documents:

    • Passport, driver’s license, rental agreements, and other critical paperwork.

Inventory List:

    • Document the contents of each box for reference.

Having a well-stocked moving supply kit will make the entire process more efficient and less stressful. Adjust the quantities based on the size of your move and specific needs.

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Looking for International or Cross-Country Moves?

For international or cross-country moves, we recommend contacting National Van Lines or calling 866-958-8984.

Winter moving doesn’t have to be a frosty experience. Trust Folkestad Moving Services, LLC, to turn your winter relocation into a smooth and enjoyable journey. Let us handle the logistics while you focus on embracing the excitement of your new winter wonderland. Happy moving!