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Simplifying Your Storage Needs

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  1. Introduction
  2. Exploring Storage Options
  3. Beyond Regular Storage
  4. Why Choose Folkestad Moving Service LLC
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Moving can be a daunting task, but having a dependable storage solution can transform your experience. At Folkestar Moving Service LLC, we understand the challenges that come with moving, and we recognize the importance of finding the right storage solution. Whether you’re downsizing, relocating, or simply seeking a secure space for your belongings, this article will guide you through a variety of storage options tailored to your needs.

Exploring Storage Options

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Self Storage Units

Are you searching for “storage units near me”? Look no further. Our secure and accessible self-storage units are available in various sizes, accommodating everything from personal items to business equipment.

Climate Controlled Storage

Worried about temperature-sensitive belongings? Our “climate controlled storage near me” options ensure that your items remain protected from extreme temperatures and humidity.

RV and Boat Storage

For the adventurous souls, finding “RV storage near me” or a secure spot for your boat is crucial. Our safe storage spaces are specifically designed to keep your outdoor vehicles secure and ready for your next adventure.

Public Storage

In need of “public storage near me”? Our easily accessible and secure public storage options offer the convenience and peace of mind you seek.

Storage Facilities and Units

From small bins to large containers, our modern storage spaces are thoughtfully designed to accommodate all your belongings efficiently.

Beyond Regular Storage

Storage Auctions

Ever considered storage auctions? Uncover hidden gems by participating in auctions of abandoned storage units.

Smart Storage Solutions

Explore innovative storage solutions such as cube storage, storage ottomans, and benches that seamlessly blend style with functionality.

Specialized Storage

Whether it’s boats, cars, or perishable goods, we provide secure spaces tailored to your specific storage needs.

Why Choose Folkestad Moving Service LLC

Safety First

Your belongings’ security is our top priority. Our facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art security measures, including surveillance cameras and access control systems.


Located in a prime location, our easily accessible office (928-771-2704) makes managing your storage needs hassle-free.

Options Galore

From climate-controlled storage to outdoor solutions, we offer a diverse range of choices to perfectly match your requirements.

Pro Help

As experts in both moving and storage, we’re dedicated to providing you with professional advice and assistance, ensuring a stress-free storage experience.


Q1: What sizes do your self-storage units come in?
A1: Our self-storage units are available in various sizes to accommodate different storage needs, from personal items to larger business equipment.
Q2: How secure are your storage facilities?
A2: We prioritize security. Our facilities are equipped with advanced surveillance cameras and access control systems to ensure the safety of your belongings.
Q3: Can I participate in storage auctions at your facility?
A3: Yes, we offer storage auctions, providing an opportunity to discover hidden treasures within abandoned units.
Q4: What are some examples of specialized storage options you provide?
A4: We offer secure storage spaces tailored to specific needs, including storage for boats, cars, and items that require climate control.

Contact Us

Folkestad Moving Service LLC is your trusted partner for stress-free storage solutions. Whether you need self-storage units, climate-controlled options, or specialized storage, we’re here to simplify your move. Contact us at 928-771-2704 or visit our location. Rest assured, your belongings are in safe hands with us, ensuring a worry-free moving experience.

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