What to Expect on Moving Day

what to expect on moving day

You went through all that planning and work to get everything ready for the big move to your new city.

There was the research to find that great moving company. There also was the perfect quote to fit your budget. There is even boxes packed all over your house.

The moving trucks are now pulling up to your house. The driver and the movers are ready.

But are you ready?

Here are some things to expect on moving day to make things stress free.



One of the first things to remember is to relax.

This is a professional moving company. They know what they are doing. They even know when to use extra care when moving items.

The first thing you should have done by the time the movers arrive is contact all your utilities and tell them of the move.

If you have sold your current home, make sure everything like keys and garage door openers are ready for the new owners.

If you are moving out of an apartment, make sure to schedule a walkthrough with the management before your leave.



The easiest thing to do during a move is leave something behind. Go through each room and move what you can out. By putting all the items in one room, this will make it easier to clean and check each room.

Make sure any rings haven’t fallen on the ground in the bedroom. And clean out that pantry and fridge. No one wants any surprises.

Go through each cabinet and empty and clean that.



The one thing to do when traveling with a pet is to make sure you have everything for the trip. The food, water and bathroom stops are things to have planned. So are the meds and toys for the trip.



If you are traveling across the country or even a city away, make sure you have what you need for your first nights in your new house. Make sure all medications, clothes and shoes are on hand.

If you are flying, make sure to have everything you need in your suitcase like this is a vacation.



Now that they are here, make sure all your floors are protected with a tarp.

The moving company will give you a time for their arrival. They also will have an inventory of all the items.

If they are packing your items, this could take some time.

They will load the items and things like furniture making sure everything will fit.

If you have questions for the movers, be sure to ask.

Once the items are loaded, make sure to go through the house one more time to make sure you got everything. And check the garage or places you normally store items.



When the items come to your new house, make sure to go through everything. Once again, make sure to use a tarp when things are moved. The tarp will protect that new carpet.

Make sure to call family and friends to tell them you have arrived.

Go say hello to your new neighbors.

And most importantly, relax. This is a new adventure.



Make sure you hire a trusted and reputable moving company. Call Folkestad Moving Services at 928-771-2704 or fill out the online form to start planning your move today!


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