Elimination Arizona Pests


The blue sky is all around as you walk out to your yard.

The smell of fresh air and no hum of mosquitoes is a welcome site.

The weather is so nice in Arizona that it’s hard to believe there are bugs here.

But there are plenty of bugs who call the desert their home.

Since you researched the best moving company in Prescott, Ariz., and will now call this beautiful area home, you might want to get to know some of your neighbors.

Prescott has a long history in this state as an original territory capital. And plenty of the Old West figures made their way through this area a few hours north of Phoenix.

But if you are going to live in the desert, you have to get to know the bugs that might come into your home.

And they rarely use the front door.

Here is a guide on how to eliminate pests in Arizona so you don’t find that cockroach when you reach for a bowl.


While the Prescott area is in the mountains, the desert presents plenty of challenges when you are going to explore this great state.

The state has its share of wasps that can grow up to a few inches in length. There are also bees you have to look out for.

Most of the bees in Arizona are harmless, but there are some species that have traveled here and can attack in swarms.

If you have an infestation, you should not try to remove them on your own. This is the one time a DIY situation could turn into an ER situation.

Call an exterminator.

Some of the more common things to worry about that will sting are scorpions.

There are more than 50 species of scorpions in Arizona.

The key to not dealing with these pests is to try to make your home not their favorite stop.

And always remember to check your shoes in the morning before you put them on. Here are a few tips to avoid these pests:

  • Keep your outside free from debris. Walk around your house and clear anything that can be a hiding place.
  • Keep all areas around your home dry.
  • Find any cracks in your foundation or siding where scorpions cab get in.
  • Make sure the caulk around all your windows and doors in is good shape.
  • Use spray around the outside of the house to create a barrier.
  • Keep the inside of your home clean and free of clutter.
  • Lavender, cinnamon and peppermint can be things to add to deter the scorpions.
  • Don’t leave food sitting around.


While scorpions are a major problem in Arizona, there are plenty of spiders to deal with.

And tops on this list is the black widow and the brown spider.

The best way to avoid these spiders is to get rid of clutter in your home and garage.

If you have many of them, you should call a specialist.

To make sure the spiders don’t get in, make sure there are no openings around your home. You also should try to remove food sources, including other spiders.

Lemon, eucalyptus and peppermint are three plants you can use to deter the spiders from coming in your home.

You also can use a spray bottle with water and add some of these to that.

When planting anything, make sure there are no weeds in the area.

You also can use dill and catnip to help.


One of the most pesky types of bugs in Arizona are termites. While you may not be able to see this in your home, they often love dry weather.

While the battle to find a great spray to battle termites is ongoing, there are many things you can do to prevent these bugs.

Here are a few tips to get rid of termites in your home:

  • Fix any leaks you may have around your shower and sinks. Termites love moisture.
  • Remove sprinklers.
  • Make sure gutters are not clogged and water is moving away from your home.
  • Clear any debris from your home, or piles of junk.
  • Have your home treated every so often.


This little bug can go without food and water for a long time. So the way to keep them out of your home is to make sure they don’t have a way to get in.

But if they are already a problem, here are some tips to help:

  • Remove their food source. Take a look around the kitchen and see if there is any food sitting out.
  • Make sure to check your pantry and any food items that have been sitting in their for a long time.
  • Check for any water leaks in your home.
  • Look for hiding spots where they will be.
  • Keep your home clean.



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