Moving from California to Arizona

california to arizona

You get out of work on time and think this is going to be the day you get home early. Then you hit Interstate 5 outside of Los Angeles and you don’t move — for two hours. There is a reason why more people are looking to Arizona these days and falling in love with the desert.

It’s the weather. Well, not so fast.

There is a land rush of sorts happening in the United States as the hottest state to move to also has so much to do. Why millions are moving to Arizona has a lot to do with the cost of living. The benefits of moving from California to Arizona are more than that. In the last decade Arizona has seen an 11.7% increase in population, according to the 2020 US Census. On average, the cost of living in California is 30% higher than Phoenix. California has the second highest cost of living in the United States, second to Hawaii, according to So when you want to do something on the weekend, you can afford to do it and not spend all your money on housing. There are plenty of things to know when moving to Arizona. And the biggest thing may be the cost of a home. On average, the price of a house in California is almost double the cost of Phoenix, according to But one of the biggest benefits to moving to Arizona is the tax rate. Moving to Arizona from California will save you a ton of money. Arizona has an individual income tax rate of 4.54%. That’s half of the 9.3% rate you will pay in California. The sales tax rate in Arizona also is cheaper.

Those who are moving to Arizona are picking the Phoenix area. Maricopa County alone saw about a half million people move there in the last decade. But cities all over the state are seeing a surge of people. According to a survey by the Greater Phoenix Economic Council, about half of California residents have considered moving recently. Another benefit to moving is less traffic. For anyone who has driven in California they know that there is a parking lot on the interstate each day.

One of the biggest things to consider when moving to the state includes traffic around the Phoenix area. There are many things to look at when making a big move. And where to move in this state depends on what you want. While there are many jobs in the Phoenix area, there are so many choices to pick from when thinking of Arizona including Tucson and Sedona. But one area that has grown in the last decade is Prescott. The area also has plenty of tourism coming to this city. And one place people stop at is the famous Whiskey Row that has many restaurants.

If you have decided to move to Arizona, one thing to look at is moving costs. The average cost of moving to the state is $3,000 and up. But the moving cost from California to Arizona will depend on what you have.


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